Special Events

Hosting a special event

The City of Mitchell hosts many events and activities throughout the year.   Events that are open to the general public, and take place within the public right-of-way; require closure of streets or parking lots, sound amplification,  or are located within a park are coordinated through the special event application & permit process.  Typically, these events require permits, licenses and approvals from several City departments, depending on the size and nature of the special event.

Approval Process for Special Event Applications

Special Event Applications require approval by the Mitchell City Council, after an internal staff review process.   After the application is heard by council, applicants will be notified about the status of the application.  

Public Notification of Special Event Applications

When an application is received, a News Flash item will be published on the City's website for when the Council will consider the application.   You can view City of Mitchell News Flashes to see any applications that are scheduled for consideration by the Mitchell City Council.   You can view the full application by clicking on the Agenda for the meeting in the City's agenda center.  For more information on the public notification process, please see the attached information.  

Special Event Applications include the following Permits:

City Facility & Equipment Rental Information for Special Events: