New titles: 03-23-2022 to 4-5-2022



Fic Al54v 2022

Violeta : a novel

Allende, Isabel,

Fic An23g 2022

Gods and dragons

Anderson, Kevin J.,

Fic B456h 2021

His name was death

Bernal, Rafael,

Fic B754a 2021

As dawn breaks

Breslin, Kate,

Fic C762e 2022

The element of love

Connealy, Mary,

Fic F833w 2021

The way we weren't : a novel

Fox, Phoebe,

Fic G565r 2022

Road of bones

Golden, Christopher,

Fic G762c 2022

The Christie affair

Gramont, Nina de,

Fic G787v 2022

A valiant deceit

Graves, Stephanie,

Fic G876m 2020

Mr. Beethoven

Griffiths, Paul,

Fic K666s 2021

Shadows of Swanford Abbey

Klassen, Julie,

Fic K837q 2022


Koontz, Dean R.

Fic K958n 2022

Notes on an execution : a novel

Kukafka, Danya,

Fic M767n 2022

Never tell

Montgomery, Selena,

Fic N367j 2021

The jealousy man and other stories

Nesbø, Jo,

Fic R592f 2021

Flowers for the sea

Rocklyn, Zin E.,

Fic R655s 2022

The starless crown

Rollins, James,

Fic St24w 2021

Where you come from

Stanisic, Sasa,

Fic St32i 2022

Invisible : a novel

Steel, Danielle,

Fic T81b 2021

The burning girls : a novel

Tudor, C. J.,

Fic W582p 2021

A previous life : another posthumous novel

White, Edmund,

Fic W588f 2021

From the neck up

Whiteley, Aliya,

Fic W899m 2021







M C549r 2021


Clark, Tracy,

M C839h 2022

Honey roasted

Coyle, Cleo,

M Es86c 2022

Cutthroat dogs

Estleman, Loren D.,

M Ev14r 2022

The recovery agent

Evanovich, Janet,

M G875m 2021

The midnight hour

Griffiths, Elly,

M K773t 2021

True crime story

Knox, Joseph,

M L667s 2022

Seasonal work : stories

Lippman, Laura,

M M475e 2022

Easter bonnet murder

Meier, Leslie,





SF K849c 2018

The calculating stars

Kowal, Mary Robinette,

SF K849f 2018

The fated sky

Kowal, Mary Robinette,

SF K849r 2020

The relentless moon

Kowal, Mary Robinette,





W J659s 2021

Slaughter of the mountain man

Johnstone, William W.,




Rom. Fic B394a 2021

And they lived happily ever after

Beharrie, Therese,

Rom. Fic B562y 2022

Yinka, where is your huzband?

Blackburn, Lizzie Damilola,

Rom. Fic G463l 2021

The love con

Glass, Seressia,

Rom. Fic H367a 2022

All of you every single one : a novel

Hitchman, Beatrice,




153.7 H224s 2022

Stolen focus : why you can't pay attention--and how to think deeply again

Hari, Johann,

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