Burr Street DOT Project


Phase 1 (Northbound Lanes)  Concrete Pavement - Near Completion 

Phase 2 (Southbound Lanes) Under  Construction

Single lane, two-way traffic is in the current southbound lanes from I90 to Spruce Street.  Traffic is moved to the new northbound lanes south of Spruce Street.

Phase 1 is the reconstruction of the northbound lanes and East Spruce Street.  Phase 2 is the reconstruction of the southbound lanes and West Spruce Street.


1. Water Main

2. Storm Sewer

3. Excavation and stabilization of grade.

4. Gravel Cushion

5. Mainline Concrete Pavement.

6.  Curb and Gutter

7. Concrete Entrances and radii

8. Sidewalk and lighting

9. Topsoil Placement

10. Seeding

Water main, storm sewer, and excavation are completed.   Mainline concrete is completed. 

Placement of curb and gutter, work on luminaires and  traffic signals, and installation of concrete entrances will continue.