Re-Tree Mitchell

Mitchell has been honored as a "Tree City, USA" for the past 32 years. The Forestry Division works hand-in-hand with the City Beautification Committee, planting hundreds of new trees and shrubs. Arbor Day is promoted each April with a week-long schedule of events, including educational programs and poster contests in the school systems, the planting of special trees, and giving away hundreds of seedlings to grade school youngsters. Replacement of dead or diseased trees on the boulevards and in the parks is an on-going process.

How Do I Get My Tree Checked?

You may have concerns about a dead or diseased tree, or a tree that may be posing a safety hazard that you need to have addressed.
Trees Planted in a Park
Trees in Hitchcock Park
The Division does "tree checks" each Friday - any citizen who has a concern about a tree on a boulevard should call 995-8450 and ask for Angel DeWaard or stop in the office to fill out a Tree Check Request Form.

Re Tree Mitchell
The Parks & Recreation Dept. will offer a 75%  reimbursement (up to $100) for the purchase of trees that are planted in “approved” locations in or near the boulevard.
To receive your reimbursement:

       1)   Mark your tree location and call the Park & Recreation office for location approval.
2)    Select the tree species you want from the City’s “Street Tree” list.(Tree lists are available at local vendors or online at
3)    Purchase your tree from a local tree nursery.
4)    Plant your tree.
5)    Bring your receipt to the Park & Recreation office for reimbursement. *(Reimbursement may take up to 4 weeks after submittal – Checks will be issued through the City    Finance Office)     
                 Limit of (2) trees per property/ year

Boulevard Tree Ordinances

Tree Trimming
City Code Section 37.2 - The occupant or owner of any premises abutting upon any street shall keep all trees so trimmed that they comply with the specifications of the Parks and Recreation Board.

City Code Section 37.3 - All large established trees shall be trimmed to a sufficient height to allow free passage of pedestrians and vehicular traffic and in such manner so as to allow 8 feet clearance over all sidewalks and 12 feet clearance over all streets and alleys.

Removal of Dangerous Trees 
City Code Section 37.13 - The owner of any property upon which there is any tree constituting a hazard to person or property shall remove the same at his own expense. IN case such owner shall neglect or refuse to remove such a tree upon notice by the park and recreation board, the same may be removed by the board, and the cost thereof shall be collected from such owner. 

Permitted Trees
City Code Section 37.5 - Trees used for street tree planting shall be Hackberry, American Linden, or Basswood species, Hard Maple species, Oak species, Thornless Honey Locust, any species of Ash, or other trees approved by the Board of Parks and Recreation. The variety of such trees to be so planted and the spacing thereof in planting shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Parks and Recreation.

City Code Section 37.6 - No street trees planted shall measure less than one inch in diameter of trunk at one foot above the ground.

Trees and Shrubs at Intersections

City Code Section 37.11 - No person, firm, or corporation shall plant, maintain, or permit to grow any tree, hedge, bush, or shrubbery of any kind which has a mature growing height of greater than 24 inches within the triangle formed by the adjacent side lines of two intersecting streets and the line joining points distant 35 feet on each side line from their point of intersection. Any tree, hedge, bush, or shrubbery planted or growing within the above defined triangle exceeding 24 inches in height is declared a public nuisance and hazard to public safety and shall be subject to summary abatement by the City by removal.