Mitchell Public Library Policies

Item Check Out Policy

Books, DVD's, Circulating Periodicals, Compact Discs

  • These items can be renewed twice for 2 weeks each.
  • Items cannot be renewed if a reserve has been placed by other patrons.

Renewal of Materials Can be Made by

  • Bringing materials in
  • Renewing them on the on-line catalog.
  • Telephone call
  • Letter or postcard arriving on or before due date
  • Renewing the items before they are overdue
  • Items cannot be renewed if they are requested by other patrons
  • Interlibrary Loan Material can only be renewed after contacting the Mitchell Public Library Staff which then will ask permission from the lending library
  • Overhead projectors, slide projector and screens.
  • Overnight checkout only.

Framed Pictures

  • Checked out for 1 month
  • 1 month renewal period
  • No limit

File Copy Magazines

  • Checked out for 1 week
  • 1 renewal
  • No limit
  • New issues cannot be checked out
Reference books, glass case material, local archive material and Mitchell vertical files do not circulate.

Library Card Policies

Library Card Policy

The Mitchell Public Library is a free library, open to any and all patrons for in-house use.
All persons applying for a library card must provide address verification.  Library patrons must present their cards when checking out items from the Library.

Types of Library Cards

Any patron who has a Mitchell Public Library card can check out materials from the Library. The Mitchell Public Library has the following types of cards.

For adults.

1) City Resident Cards.  Patrons who live inside the Mitchell City Limits and are 18 years of age and older. 

2) Davison County Cards.  Patrons who reside inside Davison County but outside the city limits and are 18 years of age or older.  To qualify for a Davison County card, residents must reside in Davison County. 

3) Out-of-County Library Cards.  Patrons who live outside of Davison County and pay a yearly subscription for the entire family.  One adult can register for the entire family.  All members   who live in the household must be listed including children under the age of 18.  Each member of the family gets their own card.

Youth cards. 

1) Youth attending school within the Mitchell city limits, K-12 or home-schooled equivalent are eligible for a library card.  In addition to their name and address, parent’s name, birthdate and grade must be provided.  Youth in K-5 can have the option of having their own card.  Youth in grades 6-12 do not need their parents’ signature.  They may also use their student IDs that have been loaded from the Mitchell School District that have been loaded into the Library’s ILS system if they choose. These cards are valid until they graduate.

Student cards

1) DWU, MTI and other secondary education students.  These students must present their student ID in order to receive a free library card.  Names of parents or someone who would know where the patron resides after graduation must be listed and birthdate.  Card is valid until graduation.

Other cards. 

1) Agency cards.  Cards are issued to establishments such as daycares, nursing homes within Davison County.  They are limited to books only.  Checkout is for 1 month.

2) Temporary Cards.  Temporary cards may be issued at the discretion of the Library Director for 6 months at a time to people who are not permanent residents of Mitchell, but who will be staying in Mitchell for a long period of time.  A refundable fee will be charged to offset any fees, lost or damaged materials.  Application card is filled out the same as a city resident.  If all material comes back in good condition, the total fee will be refunded back to the patron.

Lost Cards

When the card is lost it must be reported immediately. The patron can register for another card at that time. A $1 fee will be charged for the lost library card.

Stolen & Damaged Cards

When a card has been stolen or damaged, report it immediately. A new card will be reissued 

Unattended Children's Policy

The Mitchell Public Library is very concerned about the safety and welfare of children while they are visiting the library. It is they policy of the Mitchell Public Library Board of Trustees that parents or legal guardians are fully responsible for the safety, security, and monitoring of their children while on the library property.


  • Children 8 years old and under should at all times be with a responsible adult or caregiver who is at least 12 years old. Adults and caregivers must supervise children and keep them in sight, not only inside the library but also on library grounds.
  • If the caregiver cannot be located, then the library staff will call law enforcement.
  • All children, whether they are alone or with their parent or caregiver, are expected to be well behaved and to respect other patrons, staff and library property.
  • Library staff will ask the disruptive or destructive children to behave. If they do not, then they will be told to leave the library.
  • Parents and caregivers should be aware of library hours and should not leave children at the library before opening and after closing.
  • A library staff may call law enforcement for children who have been left at the library at closing.