Doing Business

  1. Bid Opportunities

    Access bids and request for proposals for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  2. Business Directory

    Search a listing of businesses and organizations that operate in the area.

  3. Inspections

    Get information regarding required inspections for city codes, fire requirements, and building projects.

  4. Licenses & Permits

    Learn about the licenses and permits required for activities in the city.

  5. Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce

    The Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to creating possibilities for a prosperous business environment. When businesses are successful, the whole community is successful.

  6. Mitchell Main Street & Beyond

    Mitchell Main Street and Beyond is an economic development program specifically targeted to provide technical assistance to Mitchell's historic commercial district.

  7. Planning & Zoning

    The Planning, Zoning, Building Permits and Code Enforcement Division of Public Works is responsible for planning and zoning compliance and assistance with things such as variances, conditional uses, rezoning, and sign permits.