Cadwell Sports Complex

The Cadwell Sports Complex is conveniently located in the Northwest section of Mitchell, bordered by 15th Street to the North, Minnesota Street to the East, and the Highway 37 bypass to the West.

The "crown jewel" of the complex is Cadwell Baseball Stadium, home of the State Amateur Baseball Tournament.

A double quad softball complex boasts some of the best softball facilities in the state of South Dakota.
Cadwell Sports Complex Aerial View
Cadwell Sports Complex
Cadwell Sports Complex Scoreboard
Cadwell Sports Complex Press Box
Playing Baseball at the Cadwell Sports Complex

Cadwell Complex 2017 Team*   Game***  Hour  3 Hours**
 Adult Softball & Baseball  $150  $30    
 Youth Softball & Baseball  $150  $30    
 Lighting Softball      $20  
 Lighting Baseball      $35  
 Maintenance Staff Assistance    $120    
 Field Reservation        $30

*Team fee is the season-long practice fee.

**Field reservations are accepted for public use and is available to guarantee field time. Reservations are not required but field time is only available to the public until the next reserved time-slot. This is a great option to guarantee field time.

***Game is charged per diamond, per league, per day